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One weekend of summer fun to help create a lifetime of memories for kids in need.

Each summer, grownups get to take over a kids summer camp for a single, exclusive weekend! This all inclusive getaway provides everything you need for the nostalgia trip of your dream: craveable food, cozy cabins, and tonnes of beer, wine, spirits and camp spirit!

Say hey to your inner child! Connect with nature and new friends over a weekend of levelled up traditional camp activities.

About Camp Good Vibes: Our Programs

"Camp Good Vibes is something everyone should experience. It's social, it's fun, it's relaxing. It's carefully scheduled, but it's also totally spontaneous! There are games and drinks and food galore, but the highlight for me was the impromptu adventures, the meandering from activity to activity, spending time with new friends, and just being outdoors without a care in the world. It's freeing beyond words, and fun well past the price of admission. I cannot recommend this enough."

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The average age of our Good Vibe campers are folks in their early thirties, but we welcome campers of all ages as long as you’re young at heart and legal drinking age (19+).

Camp Good Vibes is a great escape for groups (big and small), couples, solo adventurers, and even bachelor/ bachelorette parties!

About Camp Good Vibes: About the Camp

"Camp Good Vibes was the highlight of my summer. It's the best time. We got to swim and play with all the camp equipment, all while eating gourmet food and partying into the night. I will definitely be back next year."

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Get excited to turn back time with some throwback camp activities including: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, archery, low ropes, biking, yoga, tree climbing, hikes, board games, campfires, ball hockey, soccer, gaga ball and more.

Camp Good Vibes is a choose-your-own-adventure experience, so you can pack your day with back to back fun, or chill by the water all day. The best part about going back to camp as a grownup is that you get to play your way!

Oh, and when the sun goes down, we turn up! At Camp Good Vibes, bedtime is just a formality.

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About Camp Good Vibes: About the Camp


The over three hundred acres of Camp Good Vibes are nestled on the shore of Lake Scugog near the picturesque town of Port Perry. That’s just an hour and a half north east of Toronto.

Our camp is well-poised to become your home away from home, because, well, it used to be a historic homestead! Our dining hall is actually a newly renovated home from the 1800s. It’s seriously nineteenth century old school cool.

About Camp Good Vibes: About the Camp


One of the best parts of attending Camp Good Vibes?

You get to make a huge impact in the lives of a kid who needs it most.

All the proceeds from Camp Good Vibes are used to help fund its parent camp, Camp Scugog. Camp Scugog is one of the oldest camps in Canada, and since 1931 it’s been giving incredible camping experiences to children, youth, and mothers affected by poverty.  

Camp Scugog hosts 300 campers each summer, and has a leadership program for teens aged 15-17 that lasts all summer long. Most campers come from priority neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area, and over 60% are sponsored through Children’s Aid Societies, shelters, and school boards. These kids are often forced to grow up too quickly, and the best part of camp is that it gives them the opportunity to really be kids.

About Camp Good Vibes: About the Camp
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